6 Faubourg des Moulins, 39200 SAINT-CLAUDE Tél. : +33 (0)3 84 45 79 00

Since 1905, JEANTET élastomères company is specialised in the production of moulded pieces in rubber material.

These last years were dedicated to a high tech evolution of rubber parts. The formulation of our material is more and more elaborated, the use of special synthetic gum elastomer is increasing, and in the same time, we take great care to obtain every international norm.

Each part we make, answers perfectly to your needs. You have an idea, you contact us, we study together your project and when prototypes are ready and are in agreement with your expectations, we begin the mass production.

With our key partners, PERROT (technical moulding of precision,) and IXEMER (plastic bi injection), we do our best to come up with your expectations.

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