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Our cutting workshop produces rubber seals and parts on high-precision digital tables.

We offer small and large runs with no size limitations.

Adhesive surfaces are provided as an option on all our parts.

We can cover a wide hardness range, guarantee short lead times and achieve extremely tight thickness tolerances (well within the usual standards for common sheet rubber).

Our machines can cut out all manner of shapes, engineered parts, strips, guards, flat gaskets, flange gaskets, sealing rings, fuel cell gaskets, shims, membranes, damping plates and filtration gaskets.

At JEANTET Élastomères, we produce and mould a wide range of materials for rubber plates, including: NBR, EPDM, NR, FKM Viton®, FVMQ Fluorosilicone, Silicone, HNBR Therban®, ACM Vamac®, PU, BR, CR Neoprene®, CSM Hypalon®, IIR butyl, ECO Epichlorohydrin, SBR, NBR-Cork, HNBR-Cork.

Our design office is by your side, producing non-standard cut-out parts and special plates to material specifications.

We tirelessly strive to outdo ourselves to offer a selection of materials that meets the needs of our clients and satisfies today’s standards, such as railway standards, ACS WRC UBA and KTW potable water standards, FDA 3-A 1935-2004 food standards, automotive standards, PMUC nuclear standards, GAS standards, NF F 16-101 and EN 45545 fire and smoke standards, NFL aeronautics standards and ATEX standards.

Our seals are made from plates moulded in-house, and they enjoy ISO 9001 technical and quality control. This means they benefit from an excellent level of traceability, unlike products cut from standard plates.

Standard sheet rubber is unsuitable for the total quality management approach, as it cannot provide the same high level of material management for specialised applications.

While the seal itself is certainly important, its function and the possible consequences of failure are essential considerations. Seal design and production are crucial phases of risk prevention – along with the right capabilities.

JEANTET Élastomères also offers additional services tailored to our clients’ assembly requirements, such as various sizes and shapes of seal pouches, special packaging and marking.

Image d'une pièce découpé en caoutchouc
Photo de pièces de caoutchouc découpées
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